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About MakeInspires

Crafting excellence in education, MakeInspires delivers renowned STEAM programs spanning K-12 and adults, centered around our innovative Makerspaces. These collaborative havens brim with cutting-edge resources, including computers, robots, electronics, 3D printers, woodworking tools and more.

Mission & Vision

At MakeInspires, we guide students into the vanguard of future technologies and industries, nurturing computational reasoning, critical thinking, and boundless creativity. Our mission resonates in fostering lifelong learning through STEAM education, tailored to every level of experience.

Life-Changing Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math

Established in 2011, our inception as MacInspires was a nod to the transformative potential of technology, particularly Apple products, which empower us in diverse ways. This name pays homage to Apple's historical role in enabling everyday individuals to craft graphic art, music, video, and beyond.


In 2022, we evolved into MakeInspires, a name that precisely captures our essence. We cultivate makers, individuals who shape society by crafting impactful creations that impact many facets of life.

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