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MakeInspires Scholarships

MakeInspires mission to enrich our community with STEAM education includes scholarship availability. At MakeInspires we offer need-based scholarships and diversity-based scholarships. Enrollments can be discounted up to 90% based on the family's tax return information.

MakeInspires offers students scholarships based on financial need in two ways: 

  • 50% Discount Scholarship: Students who do not meet the criteria for a full-scholarship, but are able to demonstrate a need for financial assistance are eligible for a 50% scholarship. Family household income is less than $80,000.

  • 75%-90% Discount Scholarship: Students who either receive free or reduced lunch at their school or are on a full-scholarship at an independent school are eligible to apply for a scholarship. 

MakeInspires may request documents that verify your qualification. 

MakeInspires Scholarship Application
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