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Celebrate your child's birthday with a STEAM-focused extravaganza! At MakeInspires' STEAM Birthday Parties, your little one and their friends can explore science, technology, engineering, art, and math in a fun and hands-on way. Hosted at our Makerspaces, we’ll make sure their special day is a blast!

Kids tinker with a variety of projects and challenges while discovering how science, technology, engineering, art and math are interconnected. They’ll also learn valuable problem-solving skills as they collaborate and create.

If you have a budding maker with specific hobbies, we can produce a party around your child’s interests! Register for the perfect party today!

(ages 6-14)

Let's all get together to celebrate inside of Minecraft! Kids join a world together to build and complete fun group challenges.

1 Hour 45 Minutes

$42 Per Child

Electronic Wearables
(ages 7-14)

Wearables are accessories we wear incorporating electronic technologies, like light up sneakers! Make & take home your own simple wearable!

1 Hour 45 Minutes

$44 Per Child

3D Printing / 3D Jewelry
(ages 6-14)

Kids learn the basics of 3D design and printing and receive their own print!

2 Hours

$47 Per Child

(ages 5-10)

Create your own light saber to take home by using arts & crafts mixed with electrical circuits!

1 Hour 45 Minutes

$46 Per Child

(ages 5-12)

Experience Cubelets, Ozobots, Dash & Dot and other robots! Code them and make them come alive!

1 Hour 45 Minutes

$44 Per Child

Little Builders
(ages 5-10)

Friendly projects including Earthquake Table Tower Challenge, LEGO Build Challenge, Science of Slime, Drum Circle (all ages 5 to 7) and Wooden Planter Build (ages 7-10)!

1 Hour 45 Minutes

$44 Per Child

❖ Parties are available at 6PM Monday-Friday, 1:00PM or later on Saturdays, anytime on Sundays
❖ Fill out the registration with your requested date and time, we'll get back to you via email with confirmation within 24 hours
❖ 8 child minimum, 24 child maximum in Mamaroneck, 14 max in Chappaqua
❖ All packages include two slices of pizza per child and spring water

❖ Custom MakeInspires Goody Bags are available for an additional fee

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