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 Best. Summer. Ever.

Chappaqua STEAM Summer Camp 2024

Embark on an enriching experience at MakeInspires Summer STEAM, featuring a diverse range of engaging and skill-building STEAM subjects for ages 6-15! Our weekly activities offer a variety of exciting experiences, and our registration form allows parents to specify their camper's interests. To ensure a personalized approach, campers are divided into distinct age groups with dedicated instructors, maintaining a maximum of six campers per group for focused guidance.

11 Sessions: June 24th – September 6th

Half day, One Week: 9:30am-12pm or 1-3:30pm for $449

Full day, One Week: 9:30am-3:30pm with lunch included for $814

Sibling Discounts Automatically Applied. 15 year old campers receive 50% off as CITs.

Chappaqua Daily Schedule

9:30-9:40, Morning Arrival Activity

9:40-10:40, Morning STEAM Activity

10:40-11:00, Screen Break Activity

11:00-12:00, Morning STEAM Activity

12:00-1:00, Lunch provided by MakeInspires 

1:00-1:10, Afternoon Arrival Activity

1:10-2:10, Afternoon STEAM Activity

2:10-2:30, Screen Break Activity

2:30-3:30 Afternoon STEAM Activity

  • Campers in for a full day or multiple weeks keep the excitement alive, working on projects and challenges with ongoing instructor support—no repeat material!

  • Want to sign up for a partial week? We allow partial weeks if they start on a Monday and go for at least 3 days. Email Us.


  • Registration for camp will close at 9:30 AM on the Sunday before the camp week starts.

2024 Chappaqua Program Descriptions

Choose up to three available subjects per week.


Every Friday Afternoon is Engineering Challenge Friday!

Engineering challenges are a time to think outside the box, build, and work collaboratively. Ranging from rockets to Rube Goldberg machines, building challenges are at the heart of the Makerspace, encouraging campers to try new things and hone their creative thinking skills. All challenges are designed to fit all skill levels and last 60-90 minutes. Come build the future with us!

  • 3D Design & Printing – 3D Design provides the skillset a camper needs to get into the wonderful world of design, 3d modeling, and CAD. We use accessible software specifically designed for education such as TinkerCAD and Morphi to explore mathematical concepts, computer skills, and physical manufacturing. Campers will also learn about how the process works and the various materials available for 3d printing. A simple change in design, materials, or printer settings could help save money and reduce your ecological footprint. Campers will design houses, name-tags, products and so much more!

  • Coding Scratch & MakeCode – Dive into video game design using Scratch and MakeCode Coding Platforms! Scratch is familiar to many campers as it’s used in schools nationwide. Scratch makes coding easier and more fun through programming with blocks of code! Without having to worry about exact syntax campers are able to make amazingly imaginative and impressive games in no time! For older attendees we have some advanced techniques to share… There’s even a Scratch Jr for the youngest Makers! MakeCode, developed by Microsoft, is also a block based learning platform, specialized in making games! We can also use MakeCode to program sensors, lights and more on tiny  interactive computers - MicroBit & Circuit Playground.

  • Coding Python – Python is one of the most popular programming languages our right now. Python runs on almost anything! Windows, Mac, Linux, even an OLPC laptop or Raspberry Pi. Python is a powerful, expressive programming language that’s easy to learn and fun to use. We’ll be learning python through Python Turtle, a creative program that draws art based on the Python code we input! Then dive deeper, using Python to code Raspberry Pi Micro-Controller Computers! 

  • Coding Javascript – Creative coding at its finest! Campers will use letter-by-letter coding in the Javascript language to create awesome moving works of art while exploring fundamental coding concepts like syntax and coordinates. In this class we use Javascript in conjunction with the P5JS library, supported by NYU, to make learning this higher-level code language super fun and accessible! Our students and campers have made it rain dogs, created 3d models of planets, animated the phases of the moon and coded hundreds of other projects!

  • Fashion Tech - Technology, programming, and sustainable design meet your wardrobe! This is not your average sewing class - while campers will learn to sew and create basic garments,  they will also explore the future of fashion with 3D printing, circuits, and more to create their own custom wearable apparel. Technology is often shaping the future of fashion and these techniques and tech are pushing boundaries in this field, from the runway to applications in health & wellness. 

  • Robotics with mBots & Sphero Indi - Campers learn to control the mBot and the Sphero Indi through various sensors, components and coding. No prior coding experience necessary! Sphero Indi’s are driving robots that we can code with color! Watch as their color sensors guide them through various challenges. mBots are driving robots with a suite of sensors from distance, color, gyroscopic, and more! Using apps, campers can drive and program these robots to navigate through various challenges and activities.

  • Science Discovery - There is no STEAM without science! Campers will take on the role of Scientists, forming hypotheses and conducting experiments to discover just how things work in the world around us. Explore the world of biology, physics, and chemistry with hands-on learning - it’s not magic, it’s science!

  • Fab Lab - Learn how to use one of our favorite Makerspace tools in this FABulous session! Campers will work with our laser cutter to create designs out of wood, plexiglass, felt, and more! By experimenting with various manufacturing methods, campers can turn their 2D designs into 3D creations! 

  • Minecraft: Education Edition – Explore Architecture, Coding, Teamwork & More – This is not your Minecraft available at home! Campers will explore new aspects of Minecraft Education, while also learning computer logic and programming! Campers Code “Agents,” little minions, that assist them with collecting and building through a language similar to Scratch, but only if coded correctly… Ever increasing challenges and quests are bestowed upon the campers, growing problem solving skills, patience and teamwork! With the help of a custom world MakeInspires created campers explore and build different styles of architecture including Roman, Greek, Contemporary, Brutalist and more! Minecraft Architecture campers learn about influential architects such as Ictinus, Frank Lloyd Wright, Zaha Hadid and others. Redstone is Minecraft’s version of circuits! Campers learn about electricity through created different redstone circuitry.

  • Engineering, Building & Design - Build hands-on projects and experiment with models of bridges, planes, boats and more! In this session, campers will learn about new building materials, engineering fundamentals, and design-based thinking. Campers put their projects through various experiments to test both form and function. How much weight can your boat hold before sinking? How tall can your building grow? Work collaboratively over the course of the week to make something awesome!

  • Little Builders - Get hands-on creative and messy, tackling engineering challenges with simple systems and tools. Campers will explore the construction and physics of catapults, bridges, boats, and more! Through experimental design, campers will be challenged to revisit and improve their constructions just like real engineers. This is a great session to be building and away from a screen.

  • ​Stop Motion Animation, Filmmaking & Garageband – Campers experience the magical way stop-motion brings everyday objects and characters to life through its raw power of storytelling. Learn all the techniques important for live action filmmaking - Conceptualizing content, story building, graphic design, audio and video production, unique content creation, YouTube management and much more! Experience fun video techniques like green screening, easy computer effects and more! MakeInspires staff, with a wealth of music experience, teach campers how to use GarageBand to record live music, play music with the GarageBand sounds, pick and choose loops (musical phrases), produce re-mixes and more! Whether you know nothing about music or you practice your instruments every day, GarageBand is the best way to start recording and expanding your musical education. We often compose in GarageBand specifically for our animations and films!

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