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Locations in New York City, Mamaroneck & Chappaqua
After School Enrollments, Workshops, Parties & More


•  STEAM Summer starts June 10th in NYC and June 24th in Chappaqua & Mamaroneck! 
•  Fall Programs are live for Chappaqua, Mamaroneck & NYC!
•  MakeInspires first official Early Childhood Semester starts this Fall in NYC!

Inspiration Starts Here

Elevate your child's educational journey with MakeInspires, a visionary creator of renowned STEAM programs tailored for students in grades K-12. Our captivating Makerspaces and in-school initiatives serve as fertile ground for exploration. Embark on a journey encompassing coding, 3D printing, robotics, animation, craftsmanship and beyond. At MakeInspires, we're dedicated to igniting your child's inquisitiveness, while unraveling their boundless aptitude across science, technology, engineering, the arts and math. 

Students and Robots

MakeInspires Parties!

Program Highlights

  • Hands On Activities

  • Real Life Skills

  • Social, Safe & Kind Environment

  • Amazing Facilities

  • Education Disguised as Play

  • Preparing Students for The Future

  • After School Classes with Flexible Scheduling

Science Icons

The best way for kids to learn science is by doing real science hands-on. Doing science isn’t just for scientists and engineers. Rather it’s a way of learning about the world that comes naturally for kids!

Technology Icons

Technology enables creativity and deepens students' understanding of difficult concepts.

How do things work? Exploratory learning with engineering gives kids real world experience and knowledge.

Engineering Icons
Arts Icons

The addition of Arts is about incorporating creative thinking and applied arts in real situations. Art isn’t just about working in a studio. Art is about discovering and creating ingenious ways of problem solving, integrating principles and presenting information.

Learning mathematics is an important part of a student’s journey. Hands on use of numbers through coding, CAD, arts and more enables students to enjoy this important skill.

Math Icons


It’s like going to Disneyland! :)

We have had such a great experience at MakeInspires!   My school-aged kids have taken several classes over the past 9 months and have learned so much during this time.  Our previous experience with after-school STEM was generally positive, but my kids never came home ready to discuss projects and continue coding the way they do after sessions here.  The instructors are incredibly knowledgeable and thankfully, FUN! The space is clean and well-organized which makes it easy for the students to jump right into projects upon arrival. My kids talk about class and strategize next steps from the minute they leave until the time they return.  We absolutely love it here!

My son loves your program.  

I truly appreciate you!!!

Excellent program for kids.. extremely professionally run, focused on education and fun. There is only one issue: the kids might love it too much and ask for going back more and more... that could be labeled either as a parental challenge or very well delivered service, or is it both?! :) I'll deal with the parental challenge and congratulate MakeInspires for doing an amazing job!

MakeInspires has become my son's home away from home. Not only is he learning high-tech skills in a fun environment, he's forming a community with his fellow students and instructors. The educational approach MakeInspires uses is how my son learns best, and I can't help but think this is the way all kids will learn in the future. Highly recommend.

Absolutely love it! My daughter comes home raving about the classes. They are exciting, interesting and different. She has taken the entrepreneur classes there, space classes and robotics classes. Wish we could take advantage of all of the classes. Really special teachers too!

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