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Afinar Habilidades. Descubre Cool Tech. Hacer amigos. 

Divertidos y flexibles, los programas escolares de MakeInspires combinanhabilidades de la vida realcon elcamaradería,colaboración, ygratificacióndehacer lo que amas con amigos que también lo aman!

Con MakeInspires, los estudiantesexplorar tecnologías e industrias a la vanguardia del futuromientras cultivan surazonamiento computacional,pensamiento críticoycreatividad.

¡Empodere a los futuros ingenieros, científicos, astronautas, cineastas, programadores y más con MakeInspires!


Educators Membership


• Q&As with the MakeInspires Team

Help unlock the world of STEAM with our Educators Membership. Enjoy access to three introductory lessons in five of our most popular topics:
• 3D Printing with TinkerCad
• Coding in Scratch
• Engineering Builds
• Robotics with Wonder Workshop Dash • Robotics with Sphero Indi
• Benefit from numerous tips, challenge activities and other resources to kickstart or supplement your journey in the exciting realm of STEAM education.

* .edu or .org email address required for wiki access.


Innovators Membership


• Q&As with the MakeInspires Team & Advanced Support.
Dive deeper into STEAM with our Innovators Membership. Gain access to three introductory lessons across over 20 topics. Participate in collaborative forums and explore a comprehensive library of resources, including 3D print files, printable templates, and ready-to-implement activities. Elevate your teaching with a wealth of materials designed to inspire and engage.
Topics Include:

3D Printing with TinkerCad
Operating Bambu Labs 3D Printers and Tips & Tricks

• Scratch Coding
MakeCode Coding

Engineering Builds
• Electronics
Filmmaking & Stop Motion
Laser Cutting
• Little Musicians
• Little Scientists
Minecraft Education: Coding & Architecture
• Minecraft Education: Game Design
• Photography

• Robotics - Cubelets, Sphero Indi, Sphero Mini/Bolt, Wonder Workshop Dash, MakeBlock Mbot & More
Robotics II - DIY Robots with Circuit Playground or MicroBit
Roblox Studio
• & More


STEAM Leaders Membership


Experience the pinnacle of STEAM Consulting and PD with our STEAM Leaders Membership. Whether you want access to a single full curriculum or assistance building out an entire STEAM Program and makerspace, this membership offers access to hundreds of hours of lesson content, custom-quoted to fit your school's unique needs.
With a decade of experience in building and refining makerspaces and STEAM programs, we provide unparalleled support at every stage of your journey. Tailor-made to transform your educational environment, the STEAM Leaders Membership is your key to cultivating a thriving STEAM culture.

* .edu or .org email address required for wiki access.

Free Resource Examples

Free Resources!

Explore free downloadable samples from our Sphero Indi Robotics Curriculum and experience a small section of the MakeInspires STEAM Innovators Membership.

Register now for more exclusive content and elevate your classroom experience!

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